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My name is Charlotte Hudson and I am the owner/designer of Hot Pink & Moody.


I started this company after being laid off from a job of many years. The company gave us a 30 day notice and promised a severance check.  Three days later the building was chained and locked with no final check or promised severance pay.   While at a children’s consignment store and only $37 in the bank, my daughter asked with tears in her eyes for a hair bow that I couldn't afford.  It was at that moment decided I would learn to make them myself.  After making a few bows, I realized that I had a real passion for this creative avenue I was traveling. From there my ideas started to blossom and my dreams really began to come true.


I now offer a variety of services which include home decor, interior design, festive decor wreaths for all seasons, Derby hats/fascinators and much more. My design technique shows a sleek, stylish flow with a touch of Southern charm. My motto is “If you can dream it, I can make it!”


Please feel free to contact me so that I can add a little Southern charm from Hot Pink & Moody to your home or office.


Charlotte Hudson

Welcome to the Hot Pink & Moody website. Design is my passion and I take inspiration from so many different things. My goal is not to push one particular style over another on my clients. It's to help them bring out their own style through my interpretation.

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